Sav-Ur-Ride Emergency Clutch Cable Repair Kit

Here is a partial collection of the feedback we have received over the years.  If you wish to leave a comment or ask a question, please go to our Contact Page and send us an e-mail.  Thank you for your interest in our product.

'I just ordered a couple of your kits and I was wondering how long it will take to get them.  I don't feel comfortable now riding without one in my bag.'     Ed - Canada

'Thanks a ton!  This is my second kit.  I used the first one yesterday and I was up and running in 15 minutes.  My wife and I had a lovely afternoon that could have been ruined by my cable snapping.'       Josh - Minnesota

'Hi, we have heard how good your product is and had it personally recommended by a New Zealander, who used one at Sturgis.  We would love to buy one.  Will you ship to New Zealand?'    (You bet we do!)           Dave- New Zealand

'Hey you guys, Great Product!  Actually the 2 kits I am purchasing are for a spare and to replace one I borrowed from a fellow rider when mine broke on my 2008 Kingpin (11,500 miles)...........Long story short, I was back in the saddle and on my way in about 15 minutes.  When I receive my order I will return the one I borrowed and put the other one in my bag for the next time.  Thanks for the ver fast fix.'         Kevin - Maryland

'I gotta tell ya you guys are the best.  A couple of years ago I bought a couple (of kits) for my girlfriend and myself.........Thanks for making such a good product, great Customer Service and support of the Victory Motorcycle Club.'     Bruce - Kansas

'I want to extend to you both, my utmost appreciation for developing the Sav-Ur-Ride Emergency Clutch Cable Repair Kit.  Your product saved my 2011 motorcycle vacation........I confess to not being mechanically inclined but following your excellent and detailed installation instructions allowed me to be back on the road after only 30 minutes........My 3,500 mile vacation would not have been as enjoyable if it hadn't been for the Sav-Ur-Ride.'        Henry - Canada

'Thank you for sending a replacement cable, that was unexpected.   Again thank you so much.  I'll be a customer for life.'    Jonathan - Texas

'I fixed my wife's Victory in 10 minutes.  Looks like it belongs and works just as good as the original.  Very happy with the results.'    Jason - Minnesota

'Thank you.........Very quick shipment and I appreciate the prompt service.  I will keep this for reference to my other cycling buddies who might feel a bit more secure on a long ride carrying one of these.  Thank you again.'        Dave - Florida