Sav-Ur-Ride Emergency Clutch Cable Repair Kit

   In the Spring of 1959 my older brother rode up to our house in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on a 1958 Sears Allstate 175 motorcycle that he had just bought.  I ran out of the house asking him to teach me how to ride it.  I've been hooked on riding motorcycles ever since.  Because I was under 21 years old I couldn't buy my own motorcycles so I had to resort to borrowing my two older brothers' bikes.

   The first bike I owned outright was an old Triumph 650 that required a lot of tinkering to keep it running.  Since then, I have had many different makes and models of bikes.

   In 1965 I became interested in "Trail Riding".  An older riding buddy of mine got me interested in Cross Country Racing - in North Carolina that means dodging trees and riding through mud holes as fast as you can.

   During the 1970's I began Motocross racing, which was popular at the time.  I rode my last race in the Spring of 1979.

   When I met Cathy in 1980 I introduced her to the fun of motorcycling and dirt bike riding.  Even our son Christopher enjoyed riding with me on Cathy's Honda 125.  We took our honeymoon on my XS1100 Yamaha and have ridden many miles together over the years.

   Our first Victory was a 2004 Touring Cruiser, a dealer demo we bought in 2005.  We put many pleasurable miles on that bike.  It is also the bike that led to the invention of the Sav-Ur-Ride Clutch Cable Repair Kit.

   When Victory introduced the Cross Bikes in 2009 we were pretty excited.  We were hooked on the sleek design and the large saddlebags.  It was soon time to trade in the Touring Cruiser for a new 2010 Cross Roads.  It was a joy to ride, so smooth and comfortable for the driver and the passenger, as well as the great handling and power.

   Polaris reintroduced the Indian in 2013 and once again I was hooked.  The bike reminded me of the original Indian motorcycle that I remembered as a kid.  Now we have a 2014 Indian Chief as our current test bike.

  While working to help keep you on the road, we also grow our own food and take care of four cats and five chickens.

   Please ride safe!

Winston and Cathy